Titles are for identification purposes only and do not reflect or represent the positions or endorsements of the agency or entity mentioned.

Community Leader        
    Khwal Rafique                           co-founder of Project Lodi, District 4 resident
    Sandra Vargas                          founder of Central Valley Arts and Culture
    Joaquin Hernandez                 ABCD Love Your Block Grant Recipient, Lodi
    Dr. Julie Damron-Brown          Community Activist and Veterinarian
    Kandi Vargas                            founder of Native Young Eagle Dance and Drum Group
   Jamie Henderson Vilinskas    

    Gerald Arnett                            founder, director of Indigenous People's Adjustment Program (IPAP)

    Eileen Boughton                       Pomo dancer, educator and poet

    Sylvia Flores                              founder of the San Joaquin Native Women's Talking Circle

    David Diskin                              Lodi community organizer
Community Member        

    Kyle Jenkins                              District 4 resident
    Kat Ellis                                      Lodi school teacher

    Carol Shockley                         District 4 resident
    Erica Herold                              District 4 resident and school teacher

    Kimberley Bowman                  Lincoln Unified school teacher   

    Marwadell Norman                   Retiree, community volunteer

    Gina Knickerbocker                  District 4 resident and The Commons Community Center manager 


    Arteaga's Food Center                                                  

    Alma and Claudio Ordinola      Tax preparers, District 4

    Cenovia Gonzales                     La Casa Del Vaquero

    Javie Gutierres                          Leaders Company                  

    Sami Oliver-Terra                      Owner of House of Coffees
    Raychel Jackson                       Paralegal, Public Notary
    Kim Bozeman                             KNB Solutions

    Dave Phillips

    Mark Bowman                            Attorney at Law, partner at Bowman & Berreth, LLP

Public Official        
 Joseph Wood                             former City of Lodi Neighborhood Services Manager

    Douglas Vigil                              County Board of Education Member Trustee Area 3

    Chuck Walker Sr.                       Senior Senator (PSA11) California Senior Legislature

    Candelaria Vargas                     Stockton Unified School District Trustee, Area 7

    Sabrina Flores                            Candidate for Delta College Board of Trustees


   Griselda Waters                          Just Come to the Waters (Spiritual Counseling)

   Rev. Nelson Rabell                     Associate Pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Lodi


Political Groups

   Democratic Central Committee 

   Young Democrats of San Joaquin

    Elizabeth Johns Bowman          Special Education 3rd Grade teacher 

    Dr. Catherine Stratton               History professor, author, and trans activist


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